Insurance Information

Travel Guard Deluxe Group Protection Plan (101060 P1 11/16) coverage details can be found on our website. The cost of coverage is 6.5% of the total tour/cruise package cost including flights, taxes etc; insurance increased to 7.2% as of 6/1/2017; call our office  to find out which applies to the trip you are booked on or interested in.

If not purchased when paying your initial deposit, pre-existing Medical Conditions are excluded. This exclusion is waived and these conditions are covered if insurance is purchased with initial deposit and all non-refundable, prepaid costs are covered. Plan may be purchased up to 24 hours before departure but will not cover pre-existing conditions as noted on Travel Guard's website. If you do not want coverage, contact our office to request a waiver form, sign and return it. Otherwise coverage cost will be applied from your initial deposit payment. Insurance premium cost is non-refundable.​ Visit the Travel Guard Website.